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Gary Wynn - Producer
True Conviction (Investigation Discovery)

"I worked with Shira Daniels while producing for True Conviction on Discovery ID. Shira is talented, incredibly well organized, hard working, and someone I would choose to work with again in a heartbeat. She would be an outstanding addition to any production team."

Jennifer Ducker - Executive Producer
Hardcore Pawn (truTV), Lizard Lick Towing (truTV)

"Shira Daniels marries creativity and organization seamlessly.  I have worked with her for over three years and during that time she has been a vital team player and crafted and delivered every project given to her with dedication and finesse.  Shira has an eye for detail and can translate perfectly an idea given to her bringing it to life with her own special touch.  Visually she has created the highest quality development decks, always making suggestions that not only work but add to the overall appeal.  I could not recommend her highly enough, she is an asset."

Sabrina Sahraie - Production Manager
True Conviction (Investigation Discovery)

"Shira is a pleasure to work with in so many ways. She is a very hard worker- always willing to go above and beyond in order to see a successful project through. She was heavily relied upon by everyone on our team and was given quite a few daily responsibilities which she carried out masterfully (from booking travel to researching our next potential story). I know she'd be a huge asset to any project. She's incredibly intelligent, not to mention super fun and a total team player!"

Eric Leemon - Executive Producer
Diesel Brothers (Discovery)

"Shira is a strong producer, with great creative and logistical skills. She is highly organized, a terrific writer and always has a nice rapport with talent. She would be an asset to any production.”

Jared Elkin - Sound Mixer
Carbon CPN Video - Branded Content

"Working with Shira was an absolute treat! She was incredibly communicative, well organized, and made sure that the entire project went smoothly. She's the type of producer whom you can tell has their act together from the first phone call that you have with them. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again."

Shona Sandhagen - Production Manager
Diesel Brothers (Discovery), Road Hauks (History Channel)

"Shira is very thorough with her paperwork, will stay late to finish the job, normally goes above and beyond what is asked of her.  She's a great person to have around, everyone on our crews have loved her, she has an awesome sense of humor.  She never gets flustered and can handle difficult people really well.  She follows instructions and makes it her business to have all the information she needs, at a moments notice.  Plus she has a phenomenal memory for continuity. Since Shira has had a lot of experience in the field, post and in a number of different roles, I think her knowledge would be a great asset to any company, in any capacity."

KD Pitts - Post Production Management
True Conviction (Investigation Discovery)

”Shira is one of the most thorough and resourceful Associate Producers I have ever worked with in my 13 years in Post. She was hired to work with our Production Manager and easily jumped into assisting Post with story producing, creating backplates using Photoshop, and deliverables. Shira is very organized, great at multi-tasking, and prioritizing. Her vast knowledge of Production and Post made Shira an essential member of our team.”

Bree Frank - Line Producer
Building Hawaii (HGTV), Lizard Lick Towing (truTV) & Zodiak NY Development
"Shira was my Production Coordinator for almost 4 years, working on Lizard Lick Towing, Building Hawaii and various development shoots.  We worked very closely together and I always knew I could depend on her to get the job done.  Her can-do attitude, organizational skills and her attention to detail gave me the confidence to entrust her with whatever tasks were thrown her way - and generally speaking, she was usually juggling multiple assignments at any given time.  Lastly, her POs were 8.5 x 11 works of art.  The girl is OCD about her purchase orders - ha!"

Melissa Webb - Production Coordinator
Diesel Brothers (Discovery), Road Hauks (History Channel)
"Shira Daniels - wow, what a breath of fresh air to our industry! I can honestly say that she really has it all together and is on top of her job as a producer, which makes her a very valuable asset to the team. I have worked with her on two shows and can't wait to work with her again. Her funny wit keeps the cast and crew in good spirits during crazy busy 12hr days on set. Because of her background in production management, I felt supported by her. Even as a producer, she didn't just focus on the creative, but always kept logistics in mind, from knowing what props and wardrobe were needed for the next scene to locations and permits. She worked very collaboratively with us so we would have as much time as possible to meet the needs of the production. Her ability to communicate helped me to complete my job and have everything ready to go on set. I will continue to sing her praises, as she deserves every bit of it!"

Kim Weiler - Production Accountant
Ish Entertainment

"Shira is absolutely wonderful to work with! She always exceeds everyone's expectations! She is incredibly talented and hard working. She is everything anyone would want in an employee – mature, professional, efficient, a true team player and will do anything it takes to get the job done. What I appreciated most is her extremely positive and caring personality. She is such an asset to our production and I don’t know what we would do without her! She really shows commitment and heart, doing everything that needs to be done to have the productions prepped. She is fantastic and would be a fabulous hire!"

Shawn Stutler - Operations Manager
Zodiak New York
"Shira Daniels has a tireless work ethic, and an eye for the sort of fine details that are often missed by others. She has a great deal of experience in Production Management, and her work as a Coordinator spans several different types of shows and production companies. Shira would be a valuable asset to just about any television production company. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Danielle Glick - Production Assistant
Keith Black Productions

"Shira is an incredibly hardworking individual. With an ability to work under extreme pressure, Shira is determined, motivated and organized. Not only was it a pleasure to work with Shira, it was an honor. I would seize the opportunity to work with Shira again immediately as there is much to learn from her, she is a great leader who will succeed in every endeavor she attempts."

Graphic Design

Shira Daniels Design Business Card Back copy.jpg

Christie A.
"For quite some time, I had been looking for the right graphic designer for a cartoon treatment I created, when a friend recommended Shira stating she was absolutely "incredible!" I can now attest to that same truth, and say without reservation that Shira's creativity and talent are awe-inspiring. She brought my vision to life graphically from the printed word. She captured the essence of my project, intuitively, creatively and efficiently. Now sharing the finished product, the response to the treatment's art and layout design has been overwhelming with industry and novices alike stating it's: beautiful, WOW, amazing, LOVE it... Shira delivered beyond my exceedingly high expectations. She's professional, creative, intelligent, intuitive - and crazy-fast! She is truly gifted, and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Diana A.
"If you need something done in a pinch, Shira is your go-to girl. I contacted her super last minute for her to put together a simple website for my business. In less than 2 hours she had generated a full website that I couldn't be happier with. Her creativity and passion for what she does shows through her work. She kept in contact with me every step of the way and answered every question that I had. I can not say enough good things or recommend her enough!"

Jess R.
"Shira sat down with me for a full day and banged out a logo for my nutrition / fitness coaching business, Cake to Kale. As soon as my site went live, I received an overwhelming number of comments on how much everyone ADORED the logo! My confidence in the logo has transcended into confidence in my brand and I can't wait to hand out business cards at networking events, all featuring Shira's logo."

Bob G.
"My first work with Shira was about 6 years ago when she produced a video montage for our son's Bar Mitzvah. Shira's video well exceeded our expectations and the feedback from our friends and relatives was amazing. When the time came to book for our younger son's Bar Mitzvah, there was no question about who we would call to do the montage. Shira was very professional and responsive to our requests...she truly gets the customer service aspect of her business. My wife and I have also used Shira to do some photo editing which produced results nothing short of magic. Keep up the great work!"

Alissa S.
"Need a reliable graphic designer to assist with all your needs, look no further.  Shira created a banner for a military organization and did a great job for us!  She has also created flyers and logos for us as well.  We look forward to working with you on future projects!"

Brett L.
"As a freelance computer technician & consultant, I've been in need of a new logo to get my business started. Shira designed something really great for me that I can't wait to show off on my new web site. Thanks, Shira!!!!"

Ashlee V.
"We hired a photographer for our wedding who was supposed to edit all of the photos after our event. Unfortunately, he didn't and I was not thrilled with any of the photos.  It was really disappointing because we ended up not having a Wedding album or any photos to give our family.  A friend recommended I hire someone to retouch them and suggested Shira Daniels Designs.  The pictures were like night and day!  She did a really good job and was pretty funny so it made the experience even better."